3 Bonafide Ways To Make Your Hair Grow

3 Bonafide Ways To Make Your Hair Grow

How to Grow Natural Hair:

Truth be told our natural hair grows ½ inch every month.

And, unfortunately, it has the slowest growth rate of all the different hair types.

But, there are steps in your hair regimen that you can add to “speed up” the hair growth window of your hair life cycle. This phase is called the anagen phase. The longer this phase is and the shorter the “telogen” (shedding) phase, there is more hair growth and less shedding and/or breakage.

1. Scalp Massages Using Oil:

Scalp Massages do encourage faster hair growth. The motion of the massage aids in increasing blood circulation to the scalp. The blood is the transport system of the blood and provides the various areas with the nutrients, minerals and vitamins that it needs. If blood is being supplied consistently, then the scalp can absorb nutrients needed to grow healthy hair.

In addition, using oils such as our contain a variety of organic ingredients such as coconut, castor, vitamin e, almond and essential oils. The mixture of oils is rich in minerals that are antiseptic, antibacterial and antimicrobial. These will maintain the health of the scalp as it stops, prevents and/or reduces free radicals that form in the scalp and cause many scalp issues. These include alopecia, dandruff, psoriasis and much more.

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2. Shampoo Using A Sulfate-Free Shampoo:

Next, you can also shampoo using a sulfate-free shampoo.

Sulfates are a common cleansing ingredient that is in our dishwashing liquid, hand liquid soap, laundry detergent and much more. The chemical allows the object being cleansed to be “deeply” cleansed by removing all the dirt, debris, oil and soil. However, on our scalp, it causes more harm than good. It removes the natural oils that are on our scalp. Those oils are needed to keep the scalp nourished and your hair growing.

Hence, why we recommend our sulfate-free shampoo. It is made free of any sulfates so it will not leave your scalp and hair strands feeling stripped. The gentle foaming cleansing formula will cleanse the scalp of the product, dirt and debris build-up. While leaving the natural sebum to do it;’s job. In addition, it is infused with silk proteins, silicone, and other oils to provide nourishment to the scalp while it’s being cleansed.

Recommended Product:

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3. Keep Your Hair Moisturized

And finally, keep your scalp and hair moisturized.

Our hair is naturally dry because the sebum produced by the scalp is not able to travel to the ends of our hair due to the curly nature of each strand. So it usually gets stuck in the corners or crevices of each coil, kink and curl. Hence, we moisturize it manually.

We recommend our lightweight leave-in conditioner called “Restore”.

It is rich in keratin, silk proteins, essential oils, and minerals that will penetrate the scalp and hair. Thus, providing the nourishment and the hydration that it needs to maintain the “new growth” of hair.

Recommend Product:

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