The Takedown: Removing Your Protective Style

The Takedown: Removing Your Protective Style

Covid-19 shut down the entire world, affecting everything from our jobs to our beloved nail and hair salons. Many of us turned to protective styles during this time with box braids or "Corona Braids" as many called them, being the crowd favorite. So now here we are, weeks later and it's time to take these braids out and deal with our crowns as we return to our new normal.
I opted for large knotless braids to keep my hair off my mind and out of my face during the shutdown. Knotless braids are my new favorite! They proved to be lighter and less bulky than traditional box braids. I Loved the versatility of being able to pull them up or wear them down as opposed to corn rows which can most times only be worn one way. It was super easy to keep my scalp moisturized with MBM Liquid Gold and I honestly couldn't wait to see how much my hair grew after my take down.
After spending quarantine taking things easy, working from home, and not having to worry about my hair....the time came to take my knotless braids down. I kept them in for 6 whole weeks! That's a record for me, I get my hair done at least once a week.
It felt good to "free" my hair but boy oh boy... I was NOT prepared for the amount of shedding that occurred during my detangling process. SCARY stuff! It looks like a ton of hair until you realize it is natural to lose 150-200 strands per leaving braids n for 6 weeks is equal to about 6,300 strands of hair that were trapped in my braids.
Shedding is normal and natural but there are steps that you can take to make sure you're taking care of your hair during your takedown:
1.) Wet your hair! Never detangle when your hair is dry. I l
I like to drench my hair in conditioner and detangle with my fingers first and then gradually incorporate a large tooth comb to ease the process.
2.) Shampoo with a detoxifying shampoo to remove any build up and product.
3.) Do a nice leave-in conditioner and seal the ends with MBM Liquid Gold while hair is still damp and before blow drying.
If you show your hair Love it will Love you back! Remember, don't get frustrated if it's tangled just take your time and work through the kinks gently. Your hair will thank you!
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